Multilayer Praxes of Ecology

Felix Guattari (1989) in The Three Ecologies:


Any social ecological programme will have to aim therefore to shift capitalist societies out of the era of the mass media and into a post-media age in which the media will be reappropriated by a multitude of subject-group. This vision of a mass media culture redirected toward the goal of re-singularisation may well seem far beyond our scope today; yet we should recognise that the current situation of maximal media-induced alienation is in no sense an intrinsic necessity. Media fatalism seems to me to imply a misunderstanding of several factors:


1. the potential for sudden upsurges of mass awareness;

2. the possibilities of new transformative assemblages of social struggles

3. the potential use of mass media technology for non-capitalist ends

4.  the increased production, both on the individual and collective level of a subjectivity that arises out of the reconstruction of labour processes.





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