The Vast Ranges of Electromagnetic Reality

R. Buckminster Fuller in Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

Then there came a time … when the most powerful out-pirates challenged the in-pirates with scientific and technological innovation of an entirely new geometry of thinking. The out-pirates attack went under and above the sea surface and into the invisible realm of electronics and chemical warfaring. Caught off-guard, the in-pirates, in order to save themselves, had to allow their scientists to work on their own inscrutable terms. Thus in saving themselves, the Great Pirates allowed the scientists to plunge their grand industrial logistics, support strategy into the vast ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum that were utterly invisible to the pirates.

The pirates until then had ruled the world through their extraordinarily keen senses. They judged things for themselves, and they didn’t trust anyone else’s eyes. They trusted only that which they could personally smell, hear, touch or see. But the great pirates couldn’t see what was going on in the vast ranges of electro-magnetic reality. Technology was going from wire to wireless, from track to trackless, from pipe to pipeless, and from visible structural muscle to the invisible chemical element strengths of metallic alloys and electro-magnetics  (1963:33-4).


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