Media tactility ‘spilling over’

“… the theory and practice of the self conscious media tactician spilling over into everyday life.  It would mean the use of ICTs, not as an alternative to face-to-face and localised human interactions, but as a way of strengthening this most human of practices, and in doing so, maintaining and building the dimensions trust and commitment that are needed to take the larger political project forward. This project would mean using tactical media to produce new spaces and temporalities that are explicitly concerned with working against the unsustainable “acceleration of just about everything” that our present neoliberal configuration of the network society has generated, showing that alternatives are possible and workable –in ones job, home life, family life, showing that digital temporality need not mean the unerring or unbending meter of real-time but that an infinite number of temporalities can exist within the network society to correspond with a diversity of local and contextual cultures, societies and polities”.


Robert Hassan, The Chronoscopic Society: Globalization, Time and Knowledge in the Networked Economy  2003:174


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