Cartography and latencies of subjectivity

Cosmologies of the Self, Ana Ibarra – ELEPHANT Magazine Issue 7 2011

“Maps paint an image of the world but no matter how used to them we become they are not a realistic representation of the world. Every map is an interpretation.

Borders, as drawn in maps are subject to change and you won’t find a line in the ground to mark the boundaries. Countries are not yellow, green or red. A map is just a possible model of the world as it could be, simply a form of representation.

Choices have been made as to what is and isn’t included and these choices in turn determine the way we understand reality. Maps organise and categorise reality, they show and they hide”.


“We build our subjective maps by combining different methods: photography, film, and sound recording; we use home-made tools and sensors to explore the visible and invisible electromagnetic city; we make measurements by taking water from street vendors and performing DIY biological analysis (with webcams made into microscopes); we adopt psychogeographical approaches in exploring territory, defined as the study of the precise effects of the geographical environment, consciously developed or not, acting directly on the emotional behaviour of individuals”.

Benjamin Cadon and Ewen Charodonnet




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